Landless Workers Movement (MST) is a Brazilian social movement seeking for agrarian reform through land ocuppations and expropriation. The MST is one of the largest and most-influential social movements in Latin America and today thousands of Brazilian families live in its land-occupation settlements in an effort to redistribute land to rural workers for small-scale farming. Throughout MST´s history the clashes with powerful landowners militias and police are often and have caused the dead of hundreds of people. 




The objective of this photographic project is to shed light on the MST amid the country's current political and social turmoil. It intends to explore how the MST as a rural movement challenges politics, the growth of conservatism in Brazilian society and the reinforcement of historical oligarchies of landowners. 

Documenting different sides of the MST such as land occupations and sustainable food production, gender equality (roles of women and LGBT), environmental preservation and education would ideally lead to a broader debate on the Brazilian society itself.